Weekly Program


Workout 7/8/24 - 7/14/24

  • The Hip Hopper - Monday or Tuesday

  • The Combo  - Wednesday or Thursday

  • The Power of 15 - Friday or Saturday


In this months workouts, dancers will get to experience any where from 10 to 25 minute cardio workouts. These workouts are great for both beginners and advanced athletes. The workouts include dance specific combinations which will help the athlete improve their overall cardio respiratory endurance.  Cardio respiratory training is an essential part of the physical training of a dancer. You need stamina to get through a choreography, especially if you’re dancing a very energetic style of dance, but cardio training is also important because it allows you to maintain proper technique throughout, which makes you less prone to injury.  Most styles of dance have sequences of movement followed by pauses. These intermittent periods of activity work mostly on your anaerobic system, but they don’t really develop your aerobic capacity, which is what improves your cardio endurance.


Cheer Workout 7/8/24 - 7/14/24

  • The Base Buster - Monday or Tuesday

  • Hip Flexor Core Combo -  Wednesday or Thursday

  • The 20s- Friday or Saturday


This month is going to be focused on cardio respiratory threshold training. In this weeks workout, cheerleaders will get to experience any where from 15 to 20 minute non-stop strength and cardio workouts. You will get a full body workout incorporating legs, hips, core, arms, shoulders, and ankles critical to tumbling.  Dumbbells will be used so make sure you have weights that are appropriate for your strength and skill level. Each movement has been designed with the sport in mind and will not only benefit the athlete in improved cardio respiratory fitness but also increase strength endurance.